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Game: Elephants Can't Jump
Developer: BigLerp Studios, Foster City, CA, USA
Release Date: January 28th, 2016
Platforms: iOS, Android
Price: Free To Play
Languages: English
iOS App Store
Google Play Store


Elephants Can't Jump is an endless jumper in which we join Olly, a lovable elephant who defies nature in pursuit of some very magical peanuts!

Help Olly jump, swim and fly through this peanut quest, as it leads him through caves and over waterfalls, all while battling a tribe of mean, thieving monkeys. See how far you can run and how high you can jump. Compete with your friends for the top score!


BigLerp Studios, an independent game studio, was started in early 2015 by a couple of San Francisco Bay Area gaming enthusiasts. A tiny studio with big ideas founded on gaming, art and software backgrounds, the team is committed to making uniquely fun and beautiful games. What started as a 3 month experimental project, Elephants Can't Jump, evolved into their first game which is which made it’s debut in January 2016.


  • Challenging gameplay - easy to learn, difficult to master
  • Compete with friends for the highest score! Top 3 are featured on the medal podium.
  • Jump over (or on!) your friends to get ahead!
  • Stand out from the crowd! Mix and match beautifully crafted outfits.
  • Beautiful environments and artwork - dynamic times of day!
  • Prove your mettle with 90 challenging missions!
  • Jump through jungles and caves, but watch out for those waterfalls!
  • Power up your journey - why jump when you can fly!
  • Don’t let those pesky monkeys get away!
  • Sync your scores and inventory to the cloud - continue on another device.


Game Trailer : Youtube

Story Trailer : Youtube


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